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We offer courses for activists, advocates and social entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact in the world. They are designed to strengthen movements of positive change.

Our courses cover storytelling, digital communications, leadership and organizational development. You will strengthen your skills and build your confidence to create a bigger impact with your activism, advocacy and social entrepreneurship.

Through our creative and playful approach, we’re always striving to explore new ideas and formats to enhance the storytelling and learning experience.

Your voice is powerful – and the world needs the special gifts you have to offer.

Girls’ Globe is the media organization that amplifies the voices of activists, advocates and experts on gender equality, human rights and social justice. We support individuals and organizations to make a greater positive impact in the world.

What others have said

Here are a few things that have been said about us and the trainings we offer.
Farah Mohammed
“Girls’ Globe is not just a website. It’s an alive community of globally minded women. It’s a mentorship program and a launching pad for its members. I can’t say enough about how something seemingly so straightforward can have such a long lasting impact on the people involved in it.”
– Farahnaz Mohammed, Jamaica
“I have attended similar courses and I wasn’t sure about the additions I would get from the course. The course really helped me through the work guides dig deep into my personal stories. There are some I have never considered telling while in depth they truly speak about my activism journey and are very much relatable. I would recommend this training for all activists I know since it’s simple, useful and has a clear structure!”
– Chaimae Bourjij, Morocco
Chaimae Bourjij
“For me, Girls’ Globe has been an absolute life-changer. It’s the open space I’ve always wanted for my ideas and for me to be heard. I’m virtually surrounded by such strong, amazing, smart women who are passionate about change and want to make a difference in this world. I truly believe in what Girls’ Globe represents and what we’re accomplishing day by day.” 
– Lorena Monroy, Mexico

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